Awesome Heritage is a series of books about cities and countries and their symbols – architectural monuments, outstanding personas, enterprises, historic events, unique natural objects, and more.
With ten years’ experience working with tourist publications, we have developed a useful style in which everything follows a certain standard:

1) each book covers 100, 120, or 150 symbols of a city or country,
2) articles are concise and, with pictures, take up one two-page spread,
3) the pages are not numbered, but the articles are,
4) each article contains a QR code with GPS coordinates (in future books, the QR code will contain a link to additional content),
5) all photographs are high-quality and informative,
6) at the end of the book is an addendum with general information about the city/country,
7) the cover design is also strictly standardized: the only things that change from book to book are the name and background image.

We believe that traditional tourist guides and postcard sets have outlived their usefulness, since there are many more convenient sources of information today: Wikipedia, TripAdvisor, photo galleries. The books that we give to a traveler should serve as an accompaniment to these sources, not as a competitor to them or to old-fashioned books.
Awesome Heritage books do not come under any specific genre – they are not guides, nor photo albums, nor directories. Still, they combine all of the above.